Tomás Pinho
SRE/DevOps Engineer

SRE/DevOps Engineer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Interested in most things tech, music and DYI.

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Director of Site Reliability Engineering @Remote

From March 2020 , I've been working as a Director of Site Reliability Engineering for Remote, a fully distributed start-up that aims to empower companies and teams to work remotely by taking care of global payroll, benefits, compliance and taxes, as well as providing guidance and best practices on remote working and the management of distributed teams. I joined as a Senior Devops Engineer, but since I've been managing a team of 5 as a Director of SRE. Working with Kubernetes, Terraform and others.

DevOps Engineer @Onfido

From March 2019 until March 2020, I worked as a DevOps Engineer for Onfido, a British start-up that aims to become the identity standard for the internet, assessing if a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent and if they are who they claim to be by comparing their ID against their facial biometrics. Worked with Kubernetes, Terraform among others.

DevOps Engineer Team Lead @Unbabel

From March 2017 to March 2019, I worked as a DevOps Engineer Team Lead for Unbabel, a Portuguese start-up that aims to connect the world via AI-powered human translation. Responsible for deployments, infrastructure, security and managing a team of 4. Worked with Kubernetes and other shiny things.

Systems Administrator @Optylon

From August 2016 to March 2017, I worked as a Systems Administrator for Optylon, a start-up that aims to optimize the short-term rental market via software. I was responsible for automating deployments, continuous integration, collecting and analyzing logs, information security and the development of a few internal tools in Python and Node.js.

Practical Lessons Lecturer of Software Engineering @DEI - IST

From February 2016 to July 2016 I was offered the opportunity to work as a university lecturer by teaching practical classes of the Software Engineering course. It was an interesting experience, I taught two classes per week, graded projects, tests and exams.

System Administrator @RNL

In November of 2013, I started a research grant at RNL - Rede Informática do DEI - which is the unit responsible for the laboratories of the Computer Engineering Department of Instituto Superior Técnico.

My responsabilties included the administration of 90+ computers running OpenSUSE Linux (formerly Debian) through the use of Ansible (formerly Puppet), making custom Debian packages and in-house scripts for other maintenance tasks.

This position expanded my knowledge of System Administration, DevOps, Network Security and disaster recovery.


Computer and Informatics Engineering @Instituto Superior Técnico

I have a Master's in Computer and Informatics Engineering awarded by Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, one of the most prestigious portuguese engineering faculties, having majored in Distributed Systems.

Science and Technology area @Anselmo de Andrade

I went to Anselmo de Andrade high school in Almada, and finished my secundary education in the Science and Technology area which would later enable me to pursue studies in engineering.

I am exceptionally fond of physics and mathematics and participated in a few related extracurricular projects, having helped build the school's website.

Certificate in Advanced English @Cambridge ESOL

I managed to score an A in my CAE, which qualifies me as a C2 user according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Guitar Playing

I have been studying music and playing electric and acoustic guitar since I was 12. The learning of these skills made me better at concentrating in tasks and being more persistent.

Hi-Fi Audio

I'm interested in high fidelity audio and enjoy music on vinyl. Always on the lookout to improve my system.